This is a complete bibliography of my publications (as of 29 April 2017). As can be seen from the titles, my research has primarily been devoted to the history of Christianity in China as well as the violence of the Boxer Movement (義和團運動) which inflicted much death and destruction on Chinese Christians and foreign missionaries in North China during the years from 1898 to 1901.

It should be noted that the author’s name has been printed in a variety of ways over the years. My preferred author name in English-language publications is ‘R. G. Tiedemann’, although in a few works my full German name has been given: ‘Rolf Gerhard Tiedemann’. In one of my contributions, the editors contrived to change my given name to ‘Roger’. In Germany, some articles were published under my ‘normal’ German name, ‘Gerhard Tiedemann’. My Chinese name is 狄德滿.

Particular note should, however, be taken of the fact that ‘Gary’ is a nickname which was
inflicted on me in the United States many decades ago. Some clever scholars referring to my publications have insisted on changing ‘R. G.’ to ‘R. Gary’ in their footnotes and bibliographies. That is a rather misleading assumption and does not find favour.


A. Books

  1. Reference Guide to Christian Missionary Societies in China: From the 16th to the 20th Century (Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 2009).
  2. [狄德滿], Huabei de baoli he konghuang : Yihetuan yundong qianxi Jidujiao chuanbo he shehui chongtu 《华北的暴力和恐慌:义和团运动前夕的基督教传播和社会冲突》
    [Violence and Fear in North China: Christian Missions and Social Conflict on the Eve of the Boxer Uprising] (Haiwai Zhongguo yanjiu congshu 海外中国研究丛书). (Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe, June 2011).
  3. [狄德满], Xiwen Yihetuan wenxian ziliao huibian 西文义和团文献资料汇编, A Bibliography of Western Language Material on the Boxer Movement (Jinan: Shandong University Press, 2016).

B. Edited Books

  1. With Robert Bickers, The Boxers, China and the World (Lanham, Md.: Rowman &
    Littlefield, 2007).
  2. Handbook of Christianity in China, Vol. Two: 1800-Present, (Leiden: Brill, 2010). xlii + 1,050 pp. About half of the contributions to this volume were written by me.

C. Articles in Journals

  1. “A Short Note on the Archives of the London Missionary Society”, Ch’ing-shih wen-t’i 3.5 (November 1976), pp. 86-90.
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    Modern China 8.4 (October 1982), pp. 395-433.
  4. [狄德滿], “Wan Qing Jidujiao, diguo zhuyi yu Yihetuan de xingqi” 晚清基督教,帝国主义 与义和团的兴起 [Late Qing Christianity, imperialism and the rise of the Boxers] in
    Shandong shehui kexue 山东社会科学 [Shandong Social Science] (1990.6) pp. 12-14.
  5. [狄德滿], “Liyuantun jiaoan he Yihequan de qiyuan” 梨园屯教安和义和拳的起源 [The Liyuantun missionary case and the origin of the Boxers], Yihetuan yanjiu hui tongxun 义和团 研究会通讯 [Newsletter of the Boxer Research Society] No. 16 (March 1992) pp. 11-22.
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  8. “A Baptism of Fire: China’s Christians Experience the Boxer Uprising of 1900”,
    International Bulletin of Missionary Research (Jan 2000), pp. 7-12.
  9. [狄德滿], “Yihetuanmin yu Tianzhu jiaotu zai Huabei de wuzhuang chongtu” 义和团民与天 主教徒在华北的武装冲突 [Armed conflicts between Boxers and Catholics in North China], Lishi yanjiu 历史研究 (2002), No. 5, pp. 79-93.
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  12. “The Origins and Organizational Developments of the Pentecostal Missionary Enterprise in China”, Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 14.1 (2011), pp. 108-146. [The issue was published in February 2013.]
  13. “Foreign Missionaries, Chinese Christians and the 1911 Revolution”, Tripod 31 (Hongkong, Autumn 2011), pp. 12-34. The Chinese version, which is titled 《外方傳教士,中國基督徒 與辛亥革命》, is on pp. 13-30 of this issue’s Chinese section.
    Published in German as: “Ausländische Missionare, chinesische Christen und die Revolution von 1911”, China heute 31.1 (Sankt Augustin, Germany, 2012), pp. 47-56.
  14. “Comity Agreements and Sheep Stealers: The Elusive Search for Christian Unity Among Protestants in China”, International Bulletin of Missionary Research 36.1 (January 2012), pp. 3-8.
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  16. [狄德滿], “Zhongguo Yihetuan zhanzheng yu maohe shenli guanhe zuozhan” 中国义和团战 争与貌合神离联合作战, Yihetuan yanjiu hui tongxun 义和团研究会通讯 [Newsletter of the Boxer Research Society] No. 52 (December 2015), pp. 8-26.
    (Translation of my Roundtable presentation at the 22nd Congress of the International Committee of Historical Sciences, Jinan, China, 23-29 August 2015: “The Boxer War in China and the Limits of Coalition Warfare”.)

D. Chapters in Edited Volumes

  1. [狄德滿], (with C.A. Curwen 柯文南), “Guanyu Taiping Tianguo zhi Xiwen ziliao” 关于太 平天国之西文资料 [Western sources on the Taiping Tianguo], in: ‘Taiping Tianguo xuekan’ bianweihui 太平天国学刊编委会 (ed.), Taiping Tianguo xuekan 太平天国学刊 Vol. 5 (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1987), pp. 33-45.
  2. “Wartime Guerrilla Economy and the Chinese Road to Development”, in: Peter Robb (ed.), Managed Economies in World War II. (Occasional Papers in Third World Economic History No.3). (London: School or Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1991), pp. 16-34.
  3. [狄德滿], “Jidujiao, diguo zhuyi yu QingmoYihetuan yundong de xingqi” 基督教,帝国主 义与清末义和团运动的兴起 [Christianity, imperialism and the rise of the Boxer movement], in: Chinese Boxer Research Association (ed.), Yihetuan yundong yu jindai Zhongguo shehui guoji xueshu taolunhui lunwenji 义和团运动与近代中国社会国际学术讨论会论文集
    [Collected essays of the International Symposium on the Boxer Movement and Modern Chinese Society]. (Ji’nan: Qi-Lu shushe, 1992), pp. 336-358.
  4. “Christianity in a Violent Environment: The North China Plain on the Eve of the Boxer Uprising”, in: Jeroom Heyndrickx CICM (ed.), Historiography of the Chinese Catholic Church: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. (Louvain Chinese Studies, I). (Louvain: Ferdinand Verbiest Foundation, K.U. Leuven, 1994), pp. 138-144.
  5. “Der missionspolitische Kontext in Süd-Shantung am Vorabend des Boxeraufstands in China” [The missio-political context in South Shandong on the eve of the Boxer Uprising], postscript in: Stephan Puhl, Georg M. Stenz SVD (1869-1928). Chinamissionar im Kaiserreich und in der Republik. (Nettetal: Steyler Verlag, 1994), pp. 275-312.
  6. “Christian Missions in Shandong in the Context of China’s National and Revolutionary Development, 1895-1928”, in: Heike Liebau and Ulrich van der Heyden (eds.), Missionsgeschichte — Kirchengeschichte — Weltgeschichte. Christliche Missionen im Kontext nationaler Entwicklungen in Afrika, Asien und Ozeanien. (Missionsgeschichtliches Archiv. Studien der Berliner Gesellschaft für Missionsgeschichte, 1). (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1996), pp. 387-404.
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    Christianity. (London: Cassells, 1999), pp. 369-415.
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    Relations since the 18th Century: Multi-disciplinary Exploration (Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang, 2000), pp.109-134.
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  13. [狄德滿], “Waiwen lunzhu mulu — Yingwen; Fawen; Dewen; Yidaliwen; qita Xiwen” 外文 论著目录一英文、法文、德文、意大利文、其他西文 [Bibliography of foreign language publications (on the Boxer movement) — English; French; German; Italian; miscellaneous Western languages], in: Su Weizhi 苏位智 and Liu Tianlu 刘天路 (eds.), Yihetuan yanjiu yibai nian 义和团研究一百年 [One hundred years of Boxer studies]. (Ji’nan: Qi-Lu shushe, 2000); pp. 623-780.
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    (Louvain: Leuven University Press, 2001), pp. 107-133.
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    Big Sword Society and Its Relations with the Boxer Movement, 1895-1900], in: Su Weizhi 苏位智 and Liu Tianlu 刘天路 (eds.), Yihetuan yundong 100 zhounian guoji xueshu taolunhui lunwenji 义和团运动 100 周年国际学术讨论会论文集 [Collected essays of the International Symposium Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Boxer Movement]
    (Ji’nan: Shandong daxue chubanshe, 2002), Vol. 1, pp. 673-702.
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    Note that the author’s name is wrong: instead of Roger G. Tiedemann, it should be R.G. Tiedemann.
  17. “‘They also Served!’ Missionary Interventions in North China, 1900-1945”, in: Tao Feiya 陶 飛亞 and Philip Yuen-Sang Leung 梁元生 (eds.), Dong-Ya Jidujiao zaiquanshi 東亞基督教 再詮釋 [Reinterpreting the East Asian Christianity] (Studies in Religion and Chinese Society, 9.) Hongkong: Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2004), pp. 155-194.
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    the history and society of modern China: changing attitudes in scholarly approaches in East and West], in: Peter Tze Ming Ng 吳梓明 and Wu Xiaoxin 吳小新 (eds.), Jidu yu Zhongguo shehui (Zongjiao yu Zhongguo shehui yanjiu congshu, 10) 基督與中國社會(宗教與中國社 會研究叢書、十) [Studies in Christianity and Chinese society and culture: essays from The Second International Young Scholars’ Symposium (Anthology Series on the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, 10) ] (Hongkong: Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006), pp. 19-42.
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E. Encyclopaedia Entries

  1. “Gützlaff, Karl Friedrich August [Charles Gutzlaff] (1830-1851)”, in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Vol. 24 (2004), pp. 327-328.


  1. Lauren F. Pfister, Prof. Emeritus, Hong Kong Baptist University says:

    There is another book chapter that will be published in an edited volume produced by Monumenta Serica in their Collectanea Serica Series, dealing with the unusual Swiss-English Anglican pastor-scholar and hyperpolyglot, Solomon Caesar Malan (1812-1894). R.G. Tiedemann (as he wrote his name there), “S. C. Malan at Bishop’s College, Calcutta, 1838-1840”. It will appear as the second chapter in a volume edited by Lauren F. Pfister,
    Polyglot from the Far Side of the Moon: The Life and Works of Solomon Caesar Malan (1812-1894).

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